Do you guarantee increased book sales?

Book sales are based on a multitude of factors, therefore even an exceptionally edited book may not sell as well depending on the fluctuation of the industry. While ZachEvans cannot guarantee increased book sales, well-edited books generally garner better reviews, therein leading to an opportunity for an increase in sales.

Who, exactly, will be editing my work?

To ensure that your work is polished prior to publication, our editors have experience across multiple genres, including academic publications, and may even be published authors! We edit based on The Chicago Manual of Style, 16th edition, the currently accepted standard.

Will my manuscript be error-free after editing?

Editing, by nature, is a multi-round process, therefore all errors may not be caught within the text even in the first one or two rounds of editing. Traditionally published books are often edited several times in order to minimize errors, but might still include minimal grammatical errors throughout the book. In order to sure the cleanest manuscript, we suggest multiple rounds of editing.

Will I be able to communicate with anyone during the editing process?

A contact from ZachEvans will be made available for communication throughout the editing process to answer any questions you might have.

 Will I need Microsoft Word?

Yes. In order to reject or accept corrections and review feedback, you must have Microsoft Word at this time.

What type of work(s) do you accept?

We currently accept all genres, however we do reserve the right to refuse offensive or objectionable work.

How much are your services?

Please see our “rates” page for current pricing.