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I am in a place, that place, where the love of what you’re doing has become visceral—sharing your platform, teaming with other authors, bringing diverse books to readers. I am humbled to be granted this opportunity, and I know she wants me to stop thanking her, so I’ll just sneak it in here that none of this would have been possible without Jessica Watkins. She is the epitome of what happens when women, especially women of color, work together.

It’s 10pm (as I’m writing this) and I’m still marketing, still advertising, still pushing. I’ve been writing, editing, and planning for 2018.

“The meaning of life is to find your gift. The purpose of life is to give it away.”

Stay tuned.



Now Available! Heartbreak Hotel by Kenya Wright

heartbreak_front (1)

Yasmine’s world breaks apart when she finds her fiancé in bed with another. Shattered, she flees LA and escapes to her second home—her sister’s Key West bed and breakfast—where she bumps into her childhood friend, Hawk, who went from the chubby boy-next-door to a certified millionaire hottie. Her instincts tell her to run. Even Hawk warns her.

All grown up, they’re now opposites—light and darkness, fire and ice, sunshine and cold shadows. She’s on a voyage to heal her heart with yoga and Google spells, while Hawk battles his demons with art and meaningless sex. Years ago, he discovered that his marriage was a lie, wasting his vows on a woman who turned out to be nothing but a cold-blooded killer. For Hawk, there’s no hope for a normal life. His mind is too broken, his faith in humanity as dead as his ex-wife’s victims.

Heartbreak is like death. Both strip away the soul and leave the body as an empty shell. But the universe has its surprises, and as breezy days go by, Hawk and Yasmine’s kinship in pain shifts from friendship to hungry lust. And although they battle against it, there’s an intense passion bridging between them that they can’t ignore.

quick tip

Quick Tip #2

No matter how much education or training you might have had in the art of manuscript editing, editors work for the writer. Therefore, never tell a writer what to do. As an editor, your job is to make suggestions based on your expertise. The final product and vision is based on what that writer wants, not what you want to see (especially if you are working with an independent writer). There are caveats where publishing companies are involved, but that’s why we use Microsoft Word–so the writer can choose to accept/reject as they like. We can’t guarantee increased sales based on editing, so even if you think it might be best to accept your suggestion, we can’t guarantee decreased sales, either.


quick tip

Quick Tip #1

Along the way,  I’ll post quick tips that I discover on my writing and editing journey. Tip #1 has to do with formatting.

Writers are not a monolith, therefore you might have some that choose to start a paragraph or a section without an indent, as done here by Ms. Danielle Steel:


Whereas others start with an indent.

Both are fine and are negligible in the grand scheme of things. Just ensure that there’s enough space between the chapter heading (or scene break symbol) and the new paragraph so that the reader does not feel overwhelmed.