About Us

So, I know you’re wondering who the heck we are. Well, allow me to introduce myself:

My name K…A to the Lex(ie), CEO of the ZEC.

I write bestselling books about long walks on the beach, staring into a lover’s eyes, magical realism, paranormal fantasy, crime, thrills, suspense, guns, blades, Mora Knives, SIG Sauers, and smex. Hot smex.

1. I’m not ashamed and 2. My socially conservative parents are not internet-savvy.

ZachEvans Creative’s namesake is my nephew, Zachary Evan, who was two years old when we first broke ground. I started this journey with him in mind so he’ll always know how much he inspires me to keep going, even when the odds seem stacked against you.

I went to school for something completely different–Psych and Public Health. I love both subjects. But when you put off studying for an exam until the last minute because you just hit a stride with your latest manuscript, what you love most is essentially punching you in the face.

My quals:

  • Masters Degree in Public Health–statistics, community health, communication.
  • Over ten years editing experience which includes academia, though I prefer the creative side of things.
  • I edit based on the Chicago Manual of Style, but I don’t treat creative writing like I do academic. Sometimes dialogue has to be authentic, and you have to start sentences with Ands and Buts.
  • I technically have nine books under my thumb; two of the nine are part of author collaborations.
  • I am always learning because this writing journey, though convoluted, is exciting and neverending.

I’m assembling the rest of the team. Their bios are coming soon!