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Raiyne by Emery C.F. Bryant

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Raiyne Kerns gets what she wants. Whether it’s from her burgeoning business as one of the nation’s most sought-after ad executives, or in her love life, she’s never the woman who aspires to be the neck of the household.

She’s the head. The alpha.

But when Elliot Milton walks into her office seeking her renowned expertise, she immediately feels the spark. Eventually, that spark turns into a full-blown flame and, no matter how much she tries to deny it, her attraction to him begins to surge past the physical. But she didn’t get to her position in her career by being vulnerable. And despite the secrets she keeps hidden deep within her past, Raiyne isn’t sure if she’s willing to relinquish all of her power to the dark-eyed, powerful man slowly claiming her body…and her heart.


Heartbreak Hotel by Kenya Wright (#1 Bestseller)

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“I would be your death wish. You should guard your heart when I’m around.”

Yasmine’s world breaks apart when she finds her fiancé in bed with another. Shattered, she flees LA and escapes to her second home—her sister’s Key West bed and breakfast—where she bumps into her childhood friend, Hawk, who went from the chubby boy-next-door to a certified millionaire hottie. Her instincts tell her to run. Even Hawk warns her.

All grown up, they’re now opposites—light and darkness, fire and ice, sunshine and cold shadows. She’s on a voyage to heal her heart with yoga and Google spells, while Hawk battles his demons with art and meaningless sex. Years ago, he discovered that his marriage was a lie, wasting his vows on a woman who turned out to be nothing but a cold-blooded killer. For Hawk, there’s no hope for a normal life. His mind is too broken, his faith in humanity as dead as his ex-wife’s victims.

As breezy days go by, Hawk and Yasmine’s kinship in pain shifts from friendship to hungry lust. And although they battle against it, there’s an intense passion bridging between them that they can’t ignore.


Gio by Kenya Wright (#1 Bestseller)


“Get on all fours, princess.” I licked my lips. “That was only the beginning. I need you.”
She blushed. “You need me?”
“In my bed. In my studio. In my life. Yes. I need you.”

From Amazon Erotica Bestseller Kenya Wright comes a new standalone romance about a flawed billionaire and the innocent woman he can’t leave alone.

Giovanni steals hearts with his music, raising him to the top of Blue-Eyed Soul, and subsequently giving him a playboy reputation. But when his best friend and songwriter’s life ends abruptly through overdose, Giovanni finds himself lost and broken.

His search for a new songwriter leads him to Simone, an up-and-coming songstress chasing after her dreams of stardom. She’s perfect. Her lyrics deliver heat to his body. Her voice strums at his heartstrings, playing him like an instrument until he loses control. He’s convinced he’s found more than a partner in music. Simone could be his partner in forever. However, Simone is focused and not ready to get into bed with a man known for breaking hearts.

Can Giovanni show her the power of their love, or will their passion play out only through their music?


A Second Chance Christmas: A Collaboration


Enchanted Christmas by Emery C. F. Bryant: Kennedy Watkins finally decides to take the plunge and chase her dreams, which includes moving to another state to get a fresh start. Unfortunately, what she doesn’t expect is for her aspirations to be upturned by a serious accident, which brings the handsome, yet brooding Zane Reilly into her life.

After the universe determines that “happily ever after” is just not in the cards for him, Zane decides he is better off alone. It would take a miracle for him to change his mind, especially after the cards he was dealt, but then he meets Kennedy.

Zane opens his home to help Kennedy recover, whom he suspects is all alone for a reason. But the universe is determined to make amends for what was taken from him and redefine what a “Christmas miracle” truly means.

Unexpected Christmas by K. Alex Walker: Massy Goodwin is returning to her hometown with one goal in mind: to save the history of the town she holds dear to her heart, at any cost. What she doesn’t plan for is the handsome and charming, Ty Osborne.

The passion between them sparks unexpectedly, erupting into a lustful winter night neither saw coming. Massy tries to stay focused on her mission, but Ty is in her blood. Ty is hooked from their very first conversation, and can’t get enough of Massy’s mind, her skin, or her taste. Desire consumes him. Need controls her. They only have one week before they have to go back to their lives, but Ty isn’t sure he can let Massy go.